Free online educational resources for the teaching and study of the Anglo-Saxons and Old English

About the project
The Woruldhord project is based at the University of Oxford and presents to you a collection of freely reusable educational resources to help you study or teach the period of English history centred on the Anglo-Saxons, or Old English (literature and language). This equates to a period of history roughly covering the mid-fifth century until the eleventh century. All the material held here was donated by members of the public, museums and libraries, academics, teachers, and societies. This then is a community collection created by a community of people for others to use.

What will you find? The archive contains photographs, documents, presentations, databases, and more; covering objects, archaeological sites, poems, prose writings, and course material. It holds around 4,500 digital objects contributed by about 400 people or institutions. Anything you locate within Woruldhord can be freely reused for educational purposes under a Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-NC-SA, see also Permitted Use).

To search for a particular item, historical figure, poem, place, etc, enter the search term below (e.g. 'Beowulf', 'Alfred', 'Hastings'). Alternatively, click on an option under 'Browse collection keywords' below to display a list of keywords. Click on a word to browse the relevant items. For more information about how to search the collection, see the Help section.

This is also a living collection. If you have anything you would like to add to it simply go to the 'Add to the Collection' page, register, and follow the steps for contributing a new item.