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Images and html pages from the website, including recycled material and items from hearths located around what is believed to be the site of the battle of Fulford, which took place in 1066. Reproduced here with the kind…

Part 1 (MP4)
TV film, first broadcast in 1966 on the BBC to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. A dramatised look at England in 1065 as Hastings approaches, with voiceover by Leo McKern. Directed by Leo Aylen.

1066 - The Battles of Stamford Bridge & Hastings - Storyline
1066 (October 14th) is etched on every English persons' mind as the date in which the English under King Harold Godwinson lost the battle of Hastings to William Duke of Normandy who went on to conquer England.
What is less well known is just 19 days…

AN149691001. Silver coin - Leofwold and Harold II, style PX. All these images are © Trustees of the British Museum. These free low-resolution images are covered also under the British Museum's Terms and Conditions…

The Battlefield at Battle, Looking West
A view from about halfway up the slope looking west. The Normans attacked from left to right, uphill towards the English positions where the later abbey towers are just visible.

The Battlefield at Battle, Looking North towards the Abbey
A view of the battlefield from the Norman positions at the bottom of the hill. The English positions were at the top of the hill where the abbey was later built.

This is my own pencil drawing rendition of a huscarl in mid-battle at Stamford Bridge, 25th Sept, 1066.

I have afterwards tinted the picture slightly (using a computer editing program), for effect, but the rest is my own effort.

It's not…
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