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Canterbury Pendant
CANCM:1982.14.23 - Circular gold pendant inlaid with cloisonné garnets
decorated with filigree wires, surmounted with
barrel shaped suspension
Found Cranmer…

Bird brooch
CANCM:7523 - Bird brooch, silver gilt, garnet inset in eye and tail;
niello inlay. (Accessions register states: "Objects
from this grave
disturbed before excavation…

Square-headed brooch
CANCM:7494 - Square-headed silver-gilt brooch; undivided foot, motif decorating footplate; rampant animals either side of the foot reaching up to
the bow; (Accessions register states: "Almost exact
parallel from Howletts - see P.S.A. 2nd series XXX…

Canterbury Cross
CANCM:6421 - Canterbury Cross; copper alloy and silver cruciform brooch. Found St. George's Street, Canterbury, during laying of drainage in 1867. Dated to c.850. Acquired from Dr. H. Wacher.

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Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1909.517. c. 550-650. Gold, garnet, glass. Pendant, elongated decahedron, decorated with beaded gold wire, cloisonné work and inlaid with blue glass and garnet. Discovered Forest Gate, Essex.

Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1909.196. Gold, silver, garnet. 6th century gilt disc brooch with cloisonné work and inlaid garnets. Discovered Faversham, Kent.

Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1972.1401. Gold, garnet, glass, shell. 7th century cloisonné work disc brooch, inlaid with garnets, white shell and coloured glass, and divided into four circular panels (only one of which is intact) around a central…

Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1909.207. Gold, garnet. c.550-650. Circular pendant inlaid with garnets and decorated with panels of gold filigree. The disc is divided into panels by the application of beaded wire in a concentric cross shape, at the…

Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1934.202. 7th century. Gold, garnet and glass. Composite disc brooch, elaborately decorated with cloisonné work and inlaid with garnets and coloured glass. Beaded wire rim and gold filigree scrollwork. Discovered in…

Holderness Cross
Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1999.206. Gold and garnet. Early 7th century pectoral cross pendant, decorated with cloisonné work inlaid with garnets. Single sheet gold back-plate. Only 58 of the original 95 gems survive. Discovered in the 1960s…
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