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On 'translating' the OE Wanderer
PDF introduction and link to the website of poet Michael Gibson, where he discusses his recent translations of 'The Wanderer' and 'Cædmon’s Song'. Includes a discussion of metrics, scansion and the theory of translation, and audio clips of the…

These are the audio files to accompany Barbara Raw's language lab based course entitled 'A Programmed Course in Old English' developed at the University of Keele in the 70s and 80s. Voices also of John Levitt and Andrew Warne. The set is incomplete…

A Programmed Course in Old English Booklet Part I Lessons 1-8
Workbook for Barbara C. Raw's Old English course given at Keele University in the 1970s and 80s. This book is intended for students beginning Anglo-Saxon studies and was used in a Language Lab set-up. Audio files (MP3s - also submitted) accompany the…

Reading of extracts from 'Judith'
A series of recordings taken from various CDs produced by The Chaucer Studio. The Chaucer Studio has an extensive range of recordings across medieval literature and has a full catalogue and online ordering at…

Anglo-Saxon Lyre 1
Five short clips of Anglo-Saxon lyre playing, recorded on the cliffs at Leigh-on-Sea, July 2010. Please note that the original version of this video can be found here:

Alsige of West Stow
An introduction to a typical village house at West Stow, delivered in Old English.


Welcumen béo on West Stowa. Mín nama is Alsige.
Þis is mín hús. Ðes is se hróf, séo duru, séo flór .... cum in.
Þes is mín wífman,…

Deor Aloud
'Deor' read aloud at West Stow, with accompaniment on Anglo-Saxon lyre.

The Coming of the English
The account (abridged) by Bede of the coming of the English to Britain in the 5th century. He wrote in Latin in the 8th century, and his work was rendered into Old English a century later. The text is copied using an Old English hand, with pop-up…

The Lord's Prayer
From the Wessex Gospels, c.870AD, with pop-up glosses in present-day English. The text is copied using an old English hand. The photo at the end is Leofwin as an early 7th century missionary. Please note that this is the *unglossed* version of this…

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 1066 Read Aloud
Part of the entry for 1066 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, read in Old English. It describes the arrival of Duke William in Pevensey, the Battle of Hastings, and the death of Harold. The text was copied using an Old English hand. Please note that this…
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