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The Matter of Britain
A collection of everything written before 650 CE about Britain and its near neighbors. Assembled in date order in English with a full bibliography.

IMPORTANT: In order to download this ebook, you will need an ebook reader programme installed on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions will allow you to open the ebook, and is free to download from here:…

Zipped archive of all web files
Oxford University's Old English Coursepack. This online set of hypertext editions was designed for first-year undergraduates at Oxford to assist with the Mods 3a paper. It includes editions of 'The Dream of the Rood', 'The Battle of Maldon', 'The…

Replica Cross for worship
Various images taken from Bede's World at Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, a museum on the site of an ancient Anglo-Saxon monastery whose most famous resident was the historian, scientist and poet Bede.

The Coming of the English
The account (abridged) by Bede of the coming of the English to Britain in the 5th century. He wrote in Latin in the 8th century, and his work was rendered into Old English a century later. The text is copied using an Old English hand, with pop-up…

Photos of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

1. Back of castle

2. Castle and harbour (1)

3. Castle

4. Castle and harbour (2)

5. Causeway danger sign

6. Causeway w/ emergency shelter (1)

7. " (2)

8. Celtic cross laid out on the ground with stones. I…

Bede's Angles and Saxons (OE)
These extracts on The Coming of the Anglo-Saxons and the poet Caedmon are from Treharne, Old and Middle English: An Anthology, 890-1450, 3rd ed. (Blackwell, 2009)

Photograph of Anglo Saxon window in St. Paul's church, Jarrow
Photograph of an Anglo Saxon window in St. Paul's church, Jarrow.

Yeavering: Sparrow Flight
This image depicts a sparrow in flight across Yeavering to provide us with a bird's eye view. The analogy of a sparrow flying through a Great Hall was first documented by Bede (II.13). Paulinus had tried to persuade Edwin to become a Christian, but…

Presentation pt1
A presentation (PowerPoint) in two parts with pictures of Bede's World - the museum, St Paul's Church, and Gyrwe the Anglo-Saxon farm.
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