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Senecan Longhouse
Long ago in Oxford, Professor C. L. Wrenn and I conceived of placing “treasures of the ancient north” alongside the text of Beowulf. Our plan was to select museum photographs of Anglo-Saxon and early Scandinavian artifacts that would illustrate…

Article by Francis Leneghan (was Trinity College Dublin, now St Peter's College, Oxford). Originally published in the Proceedings of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies Postgraduate Conference (March 2005).

Reading of extracts from 'Judith'
A series of recordings taken from various CDs produced by The Chaucer Studio. The Chaucer Studio has an extensive range of recordings across medieval literature and has a full catalogue and online ordering at…

Beowulf Workstation .zip file of Hypercard stacks
This is a zipped file of all the original material used in the computer-based 'Beowulf Workstation'. This was written in HyperCard on the Apple Macintosh, late c. 1990 by Professor Patrick Conner at West Virginia University to help students study and…

1899 Beowulf exam p1
Oxford University English Faculty exam papers for Trinity Term, 1899

1898 Beowulf p1
Oxford University English Faculty examination papers for Trinity Term, 1898.

Beowulf - Scyld Scefing's Funeral - Read in Old English
Beowulf - Scyld Scefing's Funeral - Read in Old English. The location is the reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow, Suffolk, England. Please note that this is the *unglossed* version of the video: a glossed version is available here:…
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