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Canterbury Pendant
CANCM:1982.14.23 - Circular gold pendant inlaid with cloisonné garnets
decorated with filigree wires, surmounted with
barrel shaped suspension
Found Cranmer…

Bird brooch
CANCM:7523 - Bird brooch, silver gilt, garnet inset in eye and tail;
niello inlay. (Accessions register states: "Objects
from this grave
disturbed before excavation…

CANCM:7520 - Spindle whorl of black pottery. (Accessions register states:
"n.b. a small ring-shaped piece of badly corroded
bronze lay at a distance
of 9" away from…

Square-headed brooch
CANCM:7494 - Square-headed silver-gilt brooch; undivided foot, motif decorating footplate; rampant animals either side of the foot reaching up to
the bow; (Accessions register states: "Almost exact
parallel from Howletts - see P.S.A. 2nd series XXX…

Canterbury Cross
CANCM:6421 - Canterbury Cross; copper alloy and silver cruciform brooch. Found St. George's Street, Canterbury, during laying of drainage in 1867. Dated to c.850. Acquired from Dr. H. Wacher.

All images © Canterbury City Museums.

CANCM:2735 - Anglo-Saxon weight of Roman coins, worn down. Production period: Roman/Anglo-Saxon.

All images © Canterbury City Museums.

CANCM:1091 - Iron stirrup with applied copper decoration; probably Danish and relating to the Danish invasions of England around 1000-1018 AD.
Found Canterbury (in or near), dated to c.1000.
Acquisition source; Old Museum (Canterbury).

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