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Embroidery in Anglo-Saxon England
'Embroidery in Anglo-Saxon England', an A5 book self-published by Elizabeth Norton in the 1990s. A catalogue record is available from the British Library, but the book is now out of print.
ISBN - 0 9521581 1 6.
Author's own…

Maþmum Mislicum
A short piece of fiction with a twist in the tail.

The Mound
Two poems inspired by Anglo-Saxon history and literature.

The legend of the founding of Evesham is that while searching for his pigs on the banks of the River Avon, Eof, a swineherd, received a vision of the Virgin Mary. Eof related this vision to Ecgwine (Saint Egwin), Bishop of Worcester. Ecgwine founded…

Saint and City
A modernist retelling of the legend of St Frideswide of Oxford. Commended in the 2009 Scintilla long poem competition, published in the magazine in 2010. Inspired by many walks between Oxford and Binsey, and the city itself.

This poem was written in response to the discovery of the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial by Anna Coburn.

King Sigbert at Wolferton
I am a writer of plays and poetry. My most recent play, 'King Sigbert at Wolferton', is set in 639AD in Wolferton, Norfolk, and follows the adventures of the fictional King Sigbert and his aide in their quest.

Not of Stone
A poem inspired by the Anglo-Saxon church of St Andrew at Greensted in Essex, parts of which are estimated to be over a thousand years old; it is possible that the site has been a place of Christian worship for 1,300 years. St Andrew's is the oldest…

The Unknown Warrior Sue Mackrell
The poem is an attempt to personalise an Ango-Saxon warrior from the fragments of archeological material available.

Heroic Ideal (poem)
A poem inspired by a reading of the Anglo-Saxon poem 'The Battle of Maldon'. This poem was first published in my 'New and Selected Poems' (Peterloo, 2005)
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