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Photographed on a cold, sunny March 7th, 2011

Canterbury Cross
CANCM:6421 - Canterbury Cross; copper alloy and silver cruciform brooch. Found St. George's Street, Canterbury, during laying of drainage in 1867. Dated to c.850. Acquired from Dr. H. Wacher.

All images © Canterbury City Museums.

Holderness Cross
Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1999.206. Gold and garnet. Early 7th century pectoral cross pendant, decorated with cloisonné work inlaid with garnets. Single sheet gold back-plate. Only 58 of the original 95 gems survive. Discovered in the 1960s…

Ixworth Cross brooch
Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1909.453. Gold, garnet. Mid 7th century. The central roundel is divided into concentric rings, comprised of rectangular and T-shaped cloisonné work cells. The flared arms of the cross comprise a central panel divided…

Ruthwell Cross
Photos taken of the Ruthwell Cross at Ruthwell Church, Dumfriesshire, January 2010.

Sheet metal fragments
National Museums of Scotland, inventory no. FC 179.
Sheet metal fragments -- Gilded copper embossed strip, embossed sheet with arcaded vine pattern, embossed and chased sheet and gilded copper fragments from 5 bosses. Possibly fragments of a shrine…

AN00131074_001_l. Gold, garnet-inlaid pendant cross with expanded equal arms springing from a central roundel set with a lightweight solidus of Heraclius (613-32). The coin is set in a filigree collar and depicts Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine…

AN00247059_001_l. Fragment of tapered limestone cross-shaft of rectangular section, carved in low relief on all sides. There is damage on all surfaces. Two apparently secondary features are, on the face (c), an upward-angled, drilled hole above the…

AN00037374_001_l. Cross-shaft; stone; decorated; all four faces carry panels of running vine-scroll ornament in three varieties; also an additional small fragment, previously assembled with wooden mount between the two pieces. All these images are ©…

Late Saxon Cross Shaft from Exeter
The granite shaft is decorated with simple interlaced patterns, broadly datable to the 10th or 11th centuries. It would formerly have been surmounted by a head in the form of a cross. Six such cross-shafts survive in Devon, the others being at…
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