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Photographs of Corfe Castle and its surroundings. Corfe, in Dorset, was the site of the murder of Edward the Martyr in 978 in circumstances which are still debated, allowing Æthelræd to come to the throne. The photographs are taken around the ring…


Hengist and Horsa essay
A short essay detailing the appearance of Hengist and Horsa in Dutch literature.

Yeavering - Past Perfect website
Zipped html files of the Past Perfect website, a New Opportunities Fund grant-aided project, run jointly by Durham and Northumberland County Councils. It uses the latest in virtual reality interactive technology to bring the archaeology and history… - Images
Images and html pages from the website, including recycled material and items from hearths located around what is believed to be the site of the battle of Fulford, which took place in 1066. Reproduced here with the kind…

Presentation pt1
A presentation (PowerPoint) in two parts with pictures of Bede's World - the museum, St Paul's Church, and Gyrwe the Anglo-Saxon farm.

Part 1 (MP4)
TV film, first broadcast in 1966 on the BBC to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. A dramatised look at England in 1065 as Hastings approaches, with voiceover by Leo McKern. Directed by Leo Aylen.

Yeavering: Sparrow Flight
This image depicts a sparrow in flight across Yeavering to provide us with a bird's eye view. The analogy of a sparrow flying through a Great Hall was first documented by Bede (II.13). Paulinus had tried to persuade Edwin to become a Christian, but…

In the steps of Saint Wilfrid - The Meon Valley Pilgrimage Trail
The River Meon flows through the Meon Valley in Hampshire and runs from East Meon on the South Downs, through the Valley to the Solent at Titchfield Haven. The River Meon formed the boundary between the West Saxons (Wessex) and the South Saxons…

1066 - The Battles of Stamford Bridge & Hastings - Storyline
1066 (October 14th) is etched on every English persons' mind as the date in which the English under King Harold Godwinson lost the battle of Hastings to William Duke of Normandy who went on to conquer England.
What is less well known is just 19 days…

School Learning Day-Saxons Return to the Meon Valley 29 Apr 2010
miles from Wintonceastre (Winchester), the capital of the Saxon kingdom of Wessex and of Saxon England. They are located on opposite banks of the River Meon which runs from East Meon on the South Downs, through the Meon Valley to the Solent at…
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