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AN00032720_001_l. Almost square gold plaque with an attachment hole at each corner. A niello-inlaid line acts as a border on the lower three sides, but the blank area around each hole indicates that they were filled by a circular bossed rivet. The…

AN00035717_001_l. Iron seax, with a straight cutting edge running parallel to the back, which is angled towards the point. The broad tang is offset from the blade, which is decorated on both faces with linear ornament formed by hammering polychrome…

AN00474850_001_l. Bone rectangular plaque or mount with incised runic inscription "God saves by his mercy Hadda who wrote this" and interlace. All these images are © Trustees of the British Museum. These free low-resolution images are covered also…

AN00789233_001_l. Whale-bone rectangular panel from a writing-tablet recessed at the back and with two holes for thongs: one corner is broken away. On the front is a quadripartite knot design incised in low relief within a square frame and set with a…

The Alfred Jewel - from oblique angle above
Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1836p.135.371.
Gold, rock crystal, enamel. Dated to the late 9th century. Gold tear-drop shaped frame holds an enamel base beneath a polished rock crystal, possibly a reused piece from an older object. The separate…

York Helmet (crest detail)
The crest of the York Helmet has a Latin inscription that includes the word 'Oshere', probably the name of the owner.

AN00755664_001_l. Silver circular brooch of hammered sheet, slightly convex, and irregular in circumference, decorated with engraved zoomorphic and degenerate foliate ornament. The design is built upon four intersecting, double-contoured circles.…

AN00227879_001_l. Iron seax, with a straight cutting edge and sharply angled back, the tang offset from the blade. One face of the blade was inset with eight decorative panels, but two are now missing. They are separated from each other by short,…

Front of cross
2006BC6621_jpg_l and 2006BC6622_jpg_l. The cross is one of the rare surviving pieces which give substance to descriptions in contemporary documentary sources of the sumptuous church furnishings of pre-Conquest England. The enamels are unique in…

Kirkdale Sundial - L. panel
Views of the sundial and St. Gregory's Minster,Kirkdale.
Bradley, S.A.J., 'Orm Gamalson's Sundial',Kirkdale', Kirkdale 2002.
Fletcher, R.A, 'St. Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale', Kirkdale 2003.

[L. panel]
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