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Reconstruction of a Saxon hall at Bishops Wood Centre, Worcestershire
A reconstruction of a Saxon Hall at Bishops Wood Centre, Crossway Green Worcestershire based on the floor plan of one excavated at West Stow in Suffolk. The hall took 4 years to construct. After several years of educational use the hall burnt down as…

Anglo-Saxons and the environment. Notes from Bishops Wood Centre
Notes to support class visits to Bishops Wood Centre in Worcestershire for the Saxon Settlers programme. While particularly relevant to Worcestershire and supporting the activities that pupils carry out during their visit to the centre much of this…

In 2010, the Friends of Corhampton Saxon Church, with help from many Saxon-related organisations and the local schools, organised a festival to celebrate the Saxon history and culture of the Meon Valley
Corhampton is in the Meon Valley, 15 miles from…

Sword pommel detail
This is my Saxon sword ( based on a classic Saxon style, made by Albion Swords USA) and a simple replica of a 'Sutton Hoo style' Helmet.

Nine Men's Morris board game rules
Teachers' resources from the Ashmolean Museum's 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' site.

Viking brooch
Images and captions from the Ashmolean Museum's 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' site.

Viking brooch, Buckles, Needle Case, Pendant, Bracelets, Rings, Viking man, Cuerdale Hoard, Chape, Stirrups, Strap distributor, Sword, Where Did the Vikings Come From?

National Archaeology Day at the Ashmolean Museum, 2005. Images of re-enactors and members of the public dressing up and working on Anglo-Saxon activities.

Images from the launch of the Ashmolean Library's 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' online exhibition, including a 'Meet the Anglo-Saxons;' event. The full 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' site is also archived elsewhere on the Project.

Images from various Living History display events 2009-10.

Alsige of West Stow
An introduction to a typical village house at West Stow, delivered in Old English.


Welcumen béo on West Stowa. Mín nama is Alsige.
Þis is mín hús. Ðes is se hróf, séo duru, séo flór .... cum in.
Þes is mín wífman,…
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