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Poem - 'Returning to Maldon'
A poem describing a reading of 'The Battle of Maldon' at Maldon by a group of Anglo-Saxon enthusiasts, including myself, who were members of the Sutton Hoo Society. I am a published poet and about forty of my poems have appeared in poetry magazines…

Heroic Ideal (poem)
A poem inspired by a reading of the Anglo-Saxon poem 'The Battle of Maldon'. This poem was first published in my 'New and Selected Poems' (Peterloo, 2005)

Battle of Maldon Project
An account of the Battle of Maldon, with a present-day English introduction, images from the site and extracts in Old English from the poem with present-day English translations.

Battle of Maldon - Byrhtnoth's Challenge
Battle of Maldon - Byrhtnoth's Challenge, read in Old English. The battlefield view is taken from the sea-wall looking west, ie. from the Viking viewpoint. The causeway photo shows the 'waters flowing together' as described later in the poem. Please…

Anglo Saxon Battle Poetry
A two-part project, containing alliterative verse tranlations of all nine of the "elegies" and a selection of battle poems. The elegies were published in a separate chapbook in 2005, and both parts together as "Anglo Saxon Voices" in 2006, by Pipers'…

Zipped archive of all web files
Oxford University's Old English Coursepack. This online set of hypertext editions was designed for first-year undergraduates at Oxford to assist with the Mods 3a paper. It includes editions of 'The Dream of the Rood', 'The Battle of Maldon', 'The…

The Battle of Maldon
This article is taken from 'Medieval World' issue no. 1, July/August 1991, Invicta Press, pp. 10-14.

This publication no longer exisits.
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