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Notes on Some Examples of the Occurence of Initial 'W' in Written English
These pamphlets formed part of the collection of Professor Arthur Napier, which was acquired by the University after his death. They are reproduced by kind permission of the Oxford University English Faculty Library. Please note that these are zipped…

Cover and Fly-leaves
Described by Ker (1957) p. 351 as 'Donations to Exeter by Leofric and Athelstan' the manuscript contains Latin Gospels with beast-headed evangelist portraits made at Landévennec, Brittany, late 9th or early 10th century, supplemented in the 11th…
Described by Ker (1957), p. 355 as 'Homily; Scribble' this is listed by Bodley as 'St. Dunstan's Classbook'. Contains Eutyches, with Old Breton glosses, 9th century; Homily on the Invention of the Cross in Old English, 11th century (ff. 10-18v);…

Cover and Fly-leaves
Additions to the Leofric Missal, described by Ker (1957), pp. 378-379. All these images are © Bodleian Library. The full image collection is available at:

Life of St. Basil, in Old English, first half of the 11th century: one blackened fragment retrieved from the fire of the Cotton Library in 1731 and given by Browne Willis to Thomas Hearne, from a volume of Saints' Lives of which over fifty other…

Cover and Fly-leaves
Low resolution images of Bodleian, MS Junius 11 - also known as the Cædmon Manuscript. Decsribed by Ker (1957) pp. 406-408 and dated as s. x/xi. Paginated with contents as follows: pp. 1-212 Old English poems 'Genesis', 'Exodus', and 'Daniel'. Pp.…

Article by Francis Leneghan (was Trinity College Dublin, now St Peter's College, Oxford). Originally published in the Proceedings of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies Postgraduate Conference (March 2005).

A Programmed Course in Old English Booklet Part I Lessons 1-8
Workbook for Barbara C. Raw's Old English course given at Keele University in the 1970s and 80s. This book is intended for students beginning Anglo-Saxon studies and was used in a Language Lab set-up. Audio files (MP3s - also submitted) accompany the…

Old English Prose Lecture Handout
This is a handout with a brief bibliography of Old English prose.

Battle of Brunanburh
This is from Treharne, Old and Middle English, 890-1450: An Anthology, 3rd ed. (Blackwell, 2009)
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