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On 'translating' the OE Wanderer
PDF introduction and link to the website of poet Michael Gibson, where he discusses his recent translations of 'The Wanderer' and 'Cædmon’s Song'. Includes a discussion of metrics, scansion and the theory of translation, and audio clips of the…

Zipped archive of all web files
Oxford University's Old English Coursepack. This online set of hypertext editions was designed for first-year undergraduates at Oxford to assist with the Mods 3a paper. It includes editions of 'The Dream of the Rood', 'The Battle of Maldon', 'The…

IMPORTANT: In order to download this ebook, you will need an ebook reader programme installed on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions will allow you to open the ebook, and is free to download from here:…

British Elegies
These are poems that take inspiration from the Old English Elegies, transferring them to twenty-first century contexts. They have been previously published in various UK poetry magazines.
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