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Exam Papers - Medieval Women and Anglo-Saxon Women.
Teaching resources provided by Gale Owen-Crocker, Professor of Anglo-Saxon Culture at The University of Manchester. These include illustrated bibliographies, past exam papers and handouts relating to courses on Anglo-Saxon women, medieval women and…

Embroidery in Anglo-Saxon England
'Embroidery in Anglo-Saxon England', an A5 book self-published by Elizabeth Norton in the 1990s. A catalogue record is available from the British Library, but the book is now out of print.
ISBN - 0 9521581 1 6.
Author's own…

AN30519001. Silver coin (penny) - Cynethryth (wife of Offa) and Eoba. Only queen to have her own coinage. All these images are © Trustees of the British Museum. These free low-resolution images are covered also under the British Museum's Terms and…

I. Ancestral Voices
A complete course providing an accessible introduction to the earliest extant English literature. The aim of this course is not for participants to learn to read or speak Old English; the texts explored will be offered in translation. Optional…

This is a silver penny of Queen Cynethryth, wife of Offa. Such coins are very rare finds and even more rarely do they come in good condition. This coin would have been made by hammering a flan of silver between 2 metal dies.
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