Anglo Saxon poetic records ebook


Anglo Saxon poetic records ebook


Old English literature


IMPORTANT: In order to download this ebook, you will need an ebook reader programme installed on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions will allow you to open the ebook, and is free to download from here: The Anglo-Saxon Poetic records, Vols. 1-2, 5, edited by G.P. Krapp; v. 3 by G. P. Krapp and E.V.K. Dobbie; v. 4, 6 by E.V.K. Dobbie, contains the main extent fragments of A/S poetry. This is text 1936 from the Oxford Text Archive ( converted to TEI XML markup and then turned into ePub format. The original text is "Freely available for non-commercial use".

The texts contained in the ebook are:
Genesis; Exodus; Daniel; Christ and Satan; Andreas; The Fates of the Apostles; Soul and Body; Homiletic Fragment I; The Dream of the Rood; Elene; Christ; Guthlac; Azarias; The Phoenix; Juliana; The Wanderer; The Gifts of Men; Precepts; The Seafarer; Vainglory; Widsith; The Fortunes of Men; Maxims I; The Order of the World; The Riming Poem; The Panther; The Whale; The Partridge; Soul and Body II; Deor; Wulf and Eadwacer; Riddles 1-29; Riddle 30a; Riddles 31-59; The Wife's Lament; The Judgement Day I; Resignation; The Descent Into Hell; Alms-Giving; Pharaoh; The Lord's Prayer I; Homiletic Fragment II; Riddles 30b and 60; Riddles 60; The Husband's Message; The Ruin; Riddles 61-95; Beowulf; Judith; The Paris Psalter Psalms 51-150; The Meters of Boethius Prom; The Meters of Boethius Meters 1-31; The Battle of Finsburh; Waldere Fragment II; Waldere B; The Battle of Maldon; The Battle of Brunaburh; The Capture of the Five Buroughs; The Coronation of Edgar; The Death of Edgar; The Death of Alfred; The Death of Edward; Durham; The Rune Poem; Solomon and Saturn; The Menologium; Maxims II; A Proverb from Winfrid's Time; The Judgement Day II; The Rewards of Piety; A Summons to Prayer; The Lord's Prayer II; The Gloria I; The Lord's Prayer III; The Creed; Fragment of Pslam 5; Fragment of Psam 19; Fragment of Psalm 24; Fragment of Psalm 27; Fragment of Psalm 32; Fragment of Psalm 34; Fragment of Psalm 40; Fragment of Psalm 50; Fragment of Psalm 53; Fragment of Psalm 58; Fragment of Psalm 60; Fragment of Psalm 64; Fragment of Psalm 69; Fragment of Psalm 70; Fragment of Psalm 79; Fragment of Psalm 84; Fragment of Psalm 87; Fragment of Psalm 89; Fragment of Psalm 101; Fragment of Psalm 102; Fragment of Psalm 118; Fragment of Psalm 121; Fragment of Psalm 139; Fragment of Psalm 140; The Kentish Hymn; Psalm 50; The Gloria II; A Prayer; Thureth; Aldhelm; The Seasons for Fasting; Cædmon's Hymn, Northumbrian version; Cædmon's Hymn, West-Saxon version; Bede's Death Song, Northumbrian version; Bede's Death Song, the Hague version; Bede's Death Song, West Saxon version; The Leiden Riddle; Latin-English Proverbs; The Metrical Preface to the Pastoral Care; The Metrical Epilogue to the Pastoral Care; The Metrical Preface to Wærferth's Translation of Gregory's Dialogues; The Metrical Epilogue to MS. 41, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; The Brussels Cross; For Unfruitful Land; The Nine Herbs Charm; Against A Dwarf; For A Sudden Stitch; For Loss of Cattle; For Delayed Birth; For the Water-Elf Disease; For A Swarm of Bees; For Theft of Cattle; For Loss of Cattle; A Journey Charm; Against A Wen.


The original OTA text was created by Greg Hidley. The transformations are by Sebastian Rahtz


1930s - 1950


Old English

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The original OTA text was created by Greg Hidley. The transformations are by Sebastian Rahtz, “Anglo Saxon poetic records ebook,” Woruldhord, accessed May 30, 2024,