Staffordshire Hoard Press Images


Staffordshire Hoard Press Images




The Staffordshire Hoard is an unparalleled treasure find dating from Anglo-Saxon times. Both the quality and quantity of this unique treasure are remarkable. The story of how it came to be left in the Staffordshire soil is likely to be more remarkable still.

The Hoard was first discovered in July 2009. The find is likely to spark decades of debate among archaeologists, historians and enthusiasts. The hoard contains in excess of 1500 objects made from various metals - 5kg of gold and 1.3kg of silver - by contrast the Sutton Hoo find contained 1.66kg of precious metals.

This hoard is perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England. It compares and perhaps exceeds those objects found at Sutton Hoo. Originally discovered by metal detectorist Terry Herbert in July 2009 and subsequently excavated by Birmingham University Archaeology Unit and Staffordshire County Council.

The press quality photos are by Dave Rowan and Daniel Buxton under the aegis of Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery. Digital x-ray images of soil blocks provided by National Conservation Centre, National Museums Liverpool. Images are reproduced by the kind permission of Mr Richard Caddy, Staffordshire County Council.


Dave Rowan, Dave Buxton, National Conservation Centre


Hilt fitting
Fish and eagles zoomorphic mount
Scabbard boss
Close-up of cheekpiece
Millefiori Stud
Stylised horse terminal
Folded cross
Gold strip with inscription
Pyramid sword fittings
Sword hilt fittings
Fish and Eagles
Inscribed strip and mounts
Gold plaque with entwined stylised arms
Cheek piece, fittings and zoomorphic mount
Scabbard boss
Scabbard boss 2
Dagger Hilt
Gold sword fitting
Helmet fitting with a horse shaped terminal
 Gold strip with inscription
 Gold strip with inscription
Gold strip with inscription
Gold plate with two eagles separated by fish
An Anglo-Saxon helmet cheek piece
Close-up of cheekpiece 2
Fitting onsite


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