Beowulf Workstation (Hypercard Stacks)


Beowulf Workstation (Hypercard Stacks)


Old English literature


This is a zipped file of all the original material used in the computer-based 'Beowulf Workstation'. This was written in HyperCard on the Apple Macintosh, late c. 1990 by Professor Patrick Conner at West Virginia University to help students study and translate Beowulf. The program presented the text with annotations, and automatic glossary, background essays, and images. It was a pioneering use of hypertext to tech literature and the designs used influenced many subsequent packages (notably Oxford's Old English Coursepack). To run this you will need to run Hypercard or an emulator on a Mac. This may require emulation of the Mac Classic environment (see programs such as SheepShaver - Files should be in a folder called 'Beowulf Workstation' and you begin by opening 'home'. There should also be a 'help' file.


Patrick Conner


5. 1st Level Higher Education (e.g. undergraduate degree, and taught Masters) or Adult Education Programmes (Continuing Education)



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