Lindisfarne - Holy Island - Hagulstad


Lindisfarne - Holy Island - Hagulstad





1. Back of castle

2. Castle and harbour (1)

3. Castle

4. Castle and harbour (2)

5. Causeway danger sign

6. Causeway w/ emergency shelter (1)

7. " (2)

8. Celtic cross laid out on the ground with stones. I stumbled upon it when walking round the island.

9. Harbour

10. Priory (1)

11. Priory (2)

12. Priory (3)

13. Priory (4)

14. St. Cuthbert's island; seperated from holy island at high tide.

15. Traditional upturned boat-house

Excerpts on Lindisfarne from BEDE: A History of the English Church and its People

(trans. Leo Sherley-Price Penguin Books 1962)

'On Aidan's arrival, the king appointed the island of Lindisfarne to be his see as he asked. As the tide ebbs and flows, this place is surrounded by the sea twice a day like an island, and twice a day the sand dries and joins it to the mainland. ‘

- Book III Chapter III: Oswald asks the Scots to send him a bishop: when Aidan arrives, he grants him the island of Lindisfarne as his Episcopal see [A.D. 635]

'In the year of his death, King Egfrid appointed as Bishop of Lindisfarne the holy and venerable Cuthbert, who for many years had lived
a solitary life in great austerity of mind and body on a tiny island known as Farne, which lies off the coast about nine miles from the church.
From his earliest boyhood he had always longed to enter the religious life, and was clothed and professed as a monk when a youth. He first entered the monastery of Melrose on the banks of the River Tweed, then ruled by Abbot Eata the gentlest and simplest of men, who later became Bishop of the church of Hagulstad or Lindisfarne...
When this venerable servant of our Lord had spent many years in the monastery of Melrose and become renowned for his wonderful acts of virtue, the most reverend Abbot Eata transferred him to Lindisfarne to instruct the brethren there in the observance of regular discipline, both in his official capacity and by his personal example. For the most reverend Father Eata was then Abbot of Lindisfarne as well. And in ancient times, the bishop and his clergy used to reside at Lindisfarne with the abbot and his monks, the latter being regarded as part of the bishop's household. For Aidan, first Bishop of Lindisfarne, himself a monk, brought monks with him and established the regular life there.'

- Book IV Chapter XXVII: Cuthbert, a man of God, is made bishop: his life and teaching as a monk [A.D. 685]


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