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Anglo-Saxons and the environment. Notes from Bishops Wood Centre Anglo-Saxons and the Environment John Rhymer
Maþmum Mislicum Maþmum Mislicum MYRA DUFFY
Anglo-Saxon Lyre 1 Anglo-Saxon Lyre Music Matt Love
Saint and City Saint and City Mark Leech
Gold -- a poem Gold -- a poem Jane Seabourne
3992229099_13e7893601_o.jpg The vision of Eof by sculptor John McKenna ARBS John McKenna ARBS
King Sigbert at Wolferton King Sigbert at Wolferton Tony Leonard
The Unknown Warrior Sue Mackrell The Unknown Warrior - a poem written in response to the Staffordshire Hoard displayed at Stoke-on-Trent Museum Sue Mackrell
eofleg6.jpeg The bronze sculpture The Vision of Eof at the A4A studio foundry, in Ayrshire John McKenna ARBS
Sword pommel detail Saxon sword and Helmet replica Alex Roland