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Alfred Jewel Alfred Jewel Jonathan Dore
The Alfred Jewel - from oblique angle above The Alfred Jewel Thomas Birkett
Alfred Jewel 1 Anglo-Saxon Discovery Artefacts Anna Caughey
IMG_8483.JPG Photography of statue of Alfred the Great Ted Sherman
Milton Jewel Milton Jewel Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Battle site Edington Images Matt Love
AN00176278_001_l.jpg Metal Coin The British Museum
The Relation of the 'Blooms of King Alfred' to the Anglo-Saxon Translation of Boethius Napier Pamphlets Box I-II Aldhelm-King Alfred Anna Caughey
AN00176285_001_l.jpg Metal Coin The British Museum
AN00356336_001_l.jpg Silver Coin (Penny) The British Museum