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Replica Cross for worship The Venerable Bede/St Paul's, Jarrow CRF
Presentation pt1 Bede's World David Johnson
Photographs of Bede's World Photographs of Bede's World Stuart Lee
Bede's Angles and Saxons (OE) Bede's Ecclesiastical History: Extracts Elaine Treharne
Image of sunken hut Images of Anglo-Saxon Sunken Hut Stuart Lee
The Coming of the English The Coming of the English Matt Love
MS 17 cover pages and flyleaves Oxford, MS St Johns 17 St John's College, Oxford University
medieval grave slab, Lastingham St Mary's Lastingham, North Yorkshire Kelly A. Kilpatrick
Zipped archive of all web files Old English Coursepack Stuart Lee
The Matter of Britain The Matter of Britain Edwin Hopper