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Anglo-Saxon in Middle earth (part 2) Anglo-Saxon in Middle earth (part 2) Lynn Forest-Hill
The Relation of the 'Blooms of King Alfred' to the Anglo-Saxon Translation of Boethius Napier Pamphlets Box I-II Aldhelm-King Alfred Anna Caughey
Fragment of Alfric's Translation of Aethelwold's De Consuetudine Monachorum and its Relation to Other Manuscripts Napier Pamphlets Box III-IV Aelfric-Ancren Riwle Anna Caughey
Article Article: 'Making Sense of Ker's Dates: The Origins of Beowulf and Palaeographers' Francis Leneghan
The Anglo-Saxon Period and Anglo-Saxon Society Pre-print Extracts - Key Concepts in Medieval Literature Elizabeth Solopova
Metrical Observations on a Northumbrianized Version of the Old English Judith Napier Pamphlets Box LX-LXII Child Jesus-Judith-Old Kentish Glosses and Junius 27 Anna Caughey
Welsh Traditions in Layamon's 'Brut' Napier Pamphlets Box LXIII-LXIV Latin and Roman History-Layamon Anna Caughey
P. Weiswiller's note on sources for Life of St Christopher Source notes for Life of St Christopher Jane Roberts
The Runes Pre-print Extracts - The Keys of Middle-earth: Discovering Medieval Literature through the Fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien Elizabeth Solopova
Ruthwell_Cross3.doc Song of The Ruthwell Cross Chris Jones