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The Anglo-Saxon Period and Anglo-Saxon Society Pre-print Extracts - Key Concepts in Medieval Literature Elizabeth Solopova
Anglo Saxon Battle Poetry "Anglo Saxon Voices" Mark Leech
The Runes Pre-print Extracts - The Keys of Middle-earth: Discovering Medieval Literature through the Fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien Elizabeth Solopova
Reading of extracts from 'Judith' Chaucer Studio Recordings of Old English The Chaucer Studio
The Seafarer Eleanor Crossman
On 'translating' the OE Wanderer On ‘Translating’ the Old English THE WANDERER and other texts Thomas Birkett
Hengist and Horsa essay Hengist and Horsa in Dutch Literature (essay) Doreen Flierman
The Church and the Devils prologue The Church and the Devils Mark Leech
British Elegies British Elegies Mark Leech
The Mound Poems by Maureen R. Davis Anna Caughey