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Saxon House Judith Jones
Yeavering - Past Perfect website Yeavering Saxon Royal Palace Thomas Birkett - Images Battle of Fulford Thomas Birkett
Anglo-Saxon in Middle earth (part 2) Anglo-Saxon in Middle earth (part 2) Lynn Forest-Hill
archaeologist1_large.gif Children's drawings from the Ashmolean Anna Caughey
On 'translating' the OE Wanderer On ‘Translating’ the Old English THE WANDERER and other texts Thomas Birkett
Zipped archive of Learning with the Online TOE web site Learning with the Online Thesaurus of Old English (Web Archive) University of Glasgow
THE_BATTLE_OF_BRUNANBURH.pdf An edition of 'The Battle of Brunanburh' Edward M. Bridle, Ph.D.
CCCC MS 419, p. 95. CCCC MS 419 - Sermo Lupi Parker Library
Zipped archive of all web files Old English Coursepack Stuart Lee