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To assist with teaching the period we have assembled a collection of resources based on a selection of themes - Anglo-Saxon Daily Life, Churches, Jewellery, Sculpture, and Weapons. These pre-selected images have all been drawn from the Woruldhord, and therefore are available for reuse under those conditions. If using them, each image should be cited accordingly and we include a handlist for you which details what is in each collection and the correct citation.

You can access the resources either via the theme pages, where you can see a lit of all images and choose the ones you want, or by downloading the whole set as a zipped file (help with zipped files).

Theme pages:
Click on a link to go to the theme page, where you can see what is included in the set and chose what files to download.

Zipped files (help with zipped files)

Click on the links below to down-load the set of images as a zipped file. Please note that the files are very large and may take considerable time to down-load.