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To assist with teaching the period we have assembled a collection of resources based on a selection of themes. These pre-selected images have all been drawn from the Woruldhord, and therefore are available for reuse under those conditions. If using them, each image should be cited accordingly. Other themes: Anglo-Saxon Daily Life, Jewellery, Sculpture, and Weapons.

This theme pack contains a selection of pictures of Anglo-Saxon churches.

From Wikipedia Anglo-Saxon Architecture (accessed 14 feb 2011):
"The architectural character of Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical buildings range from Celtic influenced architecture in the early period; Early Christian basilica influenced architecture; and in the later Anglo-Saxon period, an architecture characterised by pilaster-strips, blank arcading, baluster shafts and triangular headed openings. In the last decades of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom a more general Romanesque style was introduced from the Continent, as in the now built-over additions to Westminster Abbey made from 1050 onwards, already influenced by Norman style. In recent decades architectural historians have become less confident that all undocumented minor "Romanesque" features post-date the Norman Conquest."

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