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Getting started with Woruldhord collection - what and how?

The following is an introduction to what we are collecting and a step-by-step illustration of how to submit an item to the Woruldhord collection. More information about the project, what we are collecting, and answers to other questions can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. To add something to the collection, you can go directly to the Add to collection page (opens in new window).

What are we looking to collect?

In short we are trying to collect any material that would be of help to people who wish to find out more about the period of history we term 'Anglo-Saxon' and the period of language and literature we describe as 'Old English'. Roughly speaking this equates to the fifth century to the eleventh century, but there are discussions to be had at either end! We are looking for images, audio/video recordings, handouts, essays, articles, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and so on. For example:

We reserve the right to reject any item, and we are only interested in items related to the *medieval* Anglo-Saxons."

How to make a submission

The submission process is simple and basically consists of three main steps:

1. Enter information about the resource you are submitting (for example a collection of images, a lesson plan, a poem, etc)
2. (optional) Upload one or more attachments (for example images, text documents, sound files etc)
3. Check the entered information and submit the contribution to the collection.

Revised instructions pending.