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All that remains of the church at Guiting Power (the walls though are reconstructions). Built on a hill overlooking the River Windrush.

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New Revised Version.

This is a guide to churches within a “day trip” of Oxford which have been authoritatively reported as having Anglo-Saxon or early Post-Conquest structural remains.
Instructions: The Gazetteer is available in two forms…

Poem - 'Returning to Maldon'
A poem describing a reading of 'The Battle of Maldon' at Maldon by a group of Anglo-Saxon enthusiasts, including myself, who were members of the Sutton Hoo Society. I am a published poet and about forty of my poems have appeared in poetry magazines…

All Saints Church, Wing, Images
Wing is a small village in Buckinghamshire on the Icknield Way. It's church - All Souls - though greatly added to over the centuries, retains several distinct Anglo-Saxon features notably a window at the East End of the nave, a doorway (now bricked…

This .kml file can be opened in Google Earth to show the distribution of objects submitted to Woruldhord so far. Please note that this is very much beta, and only obvious errors have been corrected!

Senecan Longhouse
Long ago in Oxford, Professor C. L. Wrenn and I conceived of placing “treasures of the ancient north” alongside the text of Beowulf. Our plan was to select museum photographs of Anglo-Saxon and early Scandinavian artifacts that would illustrate…

Holy Trinity Church is the oldest surviving building in Colchester. The church is located on Trinity Street opposite the town library. Parts of the church tower are believed to date to around 1050 (the Anglo-Saxon period), pre-dating Colchester…

Possible Saxon stone carving contained in refurbished wall/buttress of St Andrew's Church, Sonning near to the banks of the Thames.

Photographs of Corfe Castle and its surroundings. Corfe, in Dorset, was the site of the murder of Edward the Martyr in 978 in circumstances which are still debated, allowing Æthelræd to come to the throne. The photographs are taken around the ring…


Hengist and Horsa essay
A short essay detailing the appearance of Hengist and Horsa in Dutch literature.
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