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New Revised Version.

This is a guide to churches within a “day trip” of Oxford which have been authoritatively reported as having Anglo-Saxon or early Post-Conquest structural remains.
Instructions: The Gazetteer is available in two forms…

All Saints Church, Wing, Images
Wing is a small village in Buckinghamshire on the Icknield Way. It's church - All Souls - though greatly added to over the centuries, retains several distinct Anglo-Saxon features notably a window at the East End of the nave, a doorway (now bricked…

Holy Trinity Church is the oldest surviving building in Colchester. The church is located on Trinity Street opposite the town library. Parts of the church tower are believed to date to around 1050 (the Anglo-Saxon period), pre-dating Colchester…

Possible Saxon stone carving contained in refurbished wall/buttress of St Andrew's Church, Sonning near to the banks of the Thames.

Presentation pt1
A presentation (PowerPoint) in two parts with pictures of Bede's World - the museum, St Paul's Church, and Gyrwe the Anglo-Saxon farm.

In the steps of Saint Wilfrid - The Meon Valley Pilgrimage Trail
The River Meon flows through the Meon Valley in Hampshire and runs from East Meon on the South Downs, through the Valley to the Solent at Titchfield Haven. The River Meon formed the boundary between the West Saxons (Wessex) and the South Saxons…

Exterior from south-east
St Mary’s, Stow-in-Lindsey is one of the few surviving Anglo-Saxon Minster churches, and is chiefly remarkable for its impressive size compared with other surviving Anglo-Saxon buildings. It gives an idea of what must have been lost when the…

The Reculver Columns, Canterbury Cathedral
"These columns upheld three arches, which divided the apse from the nave, in the Saxon church at Reculver, which was built when Theodore of Tarsus was Archbishop of Canterbury in 670. They were part of the original building. Between 1540 and 1800 the…

Photograph of Anglo Saxon window in St. Paul's church, Jarrow
Photograph of an Anglo Saxon window in St. Paul's church, Jarrow.

Photograph of St Wystan's church crypt
Photographs of the Anglo-Saxon crypt at St Wystan's church in Repton.
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