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Photos of St Michael at the North Gate, Oxford
Situated on the northern wall of the old city of Oxford this tower dates from the early to mid eleventh century. It is stone and shows signs of reworking but wonderfully illustrates some classic saxon stone features. The tower is square, unlike the…

Greensted Church
Greensted Church preserves a wooden Anglo-Saxon church, and it is the oldest wooden church in Europe and is believed to be the oldest wooden building in world. What is now the nave of the church, built of oak timbers in a palisade style, was the…

Anglo-Saxon Crypt, St Wystan's Church, Repton
The Church of St Wystan is located at Repton in Derbyshire on elevated ground overlooking the floodplain of the River Trent. The site is of exceptional Anglo-Saxon interest, and a significant amount of the Anglo-Saxon fabric survives intact in the…

Replica Cross for worship
Various images taken from Bede's World at Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, a museum on the site of an ancient Anglo-Saxon monastery whose most famous resident was the historian, scientist and poet Bede.

St Laurence, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire
Various photographs of the St Laurence church at Bradford-on-Avon. Features tend to suggest a later date (10th/11th century) but it has been suggested that this was St Aldhelm's church of c. 700AD. It seems likely that some of the fabric survives…

The Church of St Andrew, Greensted-juxta-Ongar (Greensted Church) is a timber-framed church at Greensted, Essex, thought to be Europe's oldest wooden building.

Interior, Little Somborne
All Saints Church at Little Somborne is an Anglo-Saxon and Norman church. Much of the two celled stone Saxon church survives in the nave and north-end of the church. The original Anglo-Saxon west end extended about six feet further, and this was…

Kirkdale Sundial - L. panel
Views of the sundial and St. Gregory's Minster,Kirkdale.
Bradley, S.A.J., 'Orm Gamalson's Sundial',Kirkdale', Kirkdale 2002.
Fletcher, R.A, 'St. Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale', Kirkdale 2003.

[L. panel]

Barnack (Northants.): A-S tower
Images from the Church of St John the Baptist, Barnack. The lower two stages of the church tower date from c.1000AD.

Bradford-on-Avon 1
The chapel of St Laurence has been variously dated from the early eighth to the mid eleventh centuries. For more information, see here:
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