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Ruthwell Cross
Photos taken of the Ruthwell Cross at Ruthwell Church, Dumfriesshire, January 2010.

AN00476288_001_l. Gravestone, tapered & carved on one side with 2 moustached human masks at ends of foliate interlace, 2 animal heads at other end. All these images are © Trustees of the British Museum. These free low-resolution images are covered…

AN00247059_001_l. Fragment of tapered limestone cross-shaft of rectangular section, carved in low relief on all sides. There is damage on all surfaces. Two apparently secondary features are, on the face (c), an upward-angled, drilled hole above the…

In the church of Kirkby Stephen (Cumbria) is a stone carved in relief with an image of the Norse god Loki, a horned figure bound in chains. I have read that Anglo-Saxon Christians may have made this carving to demonstrate their dominion over Norse…

AN00037374_001_l. Cross-shaft; stone; decorated; all four faces carry panels of running vine-scroll ornament in three varieties; also an additional small fragment, previously assembled with wooden mount between the two pieces. All these images are ©…

Exterior from south-east
St Mary’s, Stow-in-Lindsey is one of the few surviving Anglo-Saxon Minster churches, and is chiefly remarkable for its impressive size compared with other surviving Anglo-Saxon buildings. It gives an idea of what must have been lost when the…

The Reculver Columns, Canterbury Cathedral
"These columns upheld three arches, which divided the apse from the nave, in the Saxon church at Reculver, which was built when Theodore of Tarsus was Archbishop of Canterbury in 670. They were part of the original building. Between 1540 and 1800 the…

Photograph of Anglo Saxon window in St. Paul's church, Jarrow
Photograph of an Anglo Saxon window in St. Paul's church, Jarrow.

Photograph of St Wystan's church crypt
Photographs of the Anglo-Saxon crypt at St Wystan's church in Repton.

History of Corhampton Saxon Church AD 1020; author Chris Maxse
Corhampton Saxon Church is situated on the banks of the River Meon which runs from East Meon on the South Downs, through the Meon Valley to the Solent at Titchfield Haven.
The Church, which was built in 1020, when Cnut was King of Wessex and…
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