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Article by Francis Leneghan (was Trinity College Dublin, now St Peter's College, Oxford). Originally published in the Proceedings of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies Postgraduate Conference (March 2005).

Old Saxon 'karm' and 'hrom': Genesis 234, Heliand 2459

These pamphlets formed part of the collection of Professor Arthur Napier, which was acquired by the University after his death. They are reproduced by kind permission of the Oxford University English Faculty Library. Please note that these are…

Stained Glass in Anglo-Saxon England
From Videmus, the online magazine for medieval stained glass ( This feature supports the launch of a major campaign by the Wearmouth – Jarrow Partnership to have the remains of two Anglo-Saxon monasteries at…

The Cipherment of the Franks Casket
In 1857 the antiquarian and prodigious benefactor Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks lighted on a small, odd-looking whalebone box in an antique shop in Paris. He purchased it immediately, having recognized that the box was of Anglo-Saxon origin, and…

The Battle of Maldon
This article is taken from 'Medieval World' issue no. 1, July/August 1991, Invicta Press, pp. 10-14.

This publication no longer exisits.
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