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Ruthwell Cross
Photos taken of the Ruthwell Cross at Ruthwell Church, Dumfriesshire, January 2010.

Notes on Colouring the Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses
These notes describe a project carried out at the Manchester Museum in the University of Manchester as part of the redisplay of the museum galleries in 1999-2000, to recolour a set of casts of the crosses at Bewcastle and Ruthwell churches acquired…

Ruthwell Cross in church
The Ruthwell Cross stands in a small church in the town of Ruthwell, just south of Dumfries, in south-west Scotland. The Cross is seventeen feet four inches tall and must sit in a well four feet deep to serve as the high cross for the…

The Ruthwell Cross is an Anglo-Saxon (or more properly Northumbrian) stone sculpture, dating from the eighth (or perhaps seventh) century, and now housed in Ruthwell parish church in Dumfriesshire, although it may have once stood outside. Runic…
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