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1066 - The Battles of Stamford Bridge & Hastings - Storyline
1066 (October 14th) is etched on every English persons' mind as the date in which the English under King Harold Godwinson lost the battle of Hastings to William Duke of Normandy who went on to conquer England.
What is less well known is just 19 days…

These are the audio files to accompany Barbara Raw's language lab based course entitled 'A Programmed Course in Old English' developed at the University of Keele in the 70s and 80s. Voices also of John Levitt and Andrew Warne. The set is incomplete…

A Programmed Course in Old English Booklet Part I Lessons 1-8
Workbook for Barbara C. Raw's Old English course given at Keele University in the 1970s and 80s. This book is intended for students beginning Anglo-Saxon studies and was used in a Language Lab set-up. Audio files (MP3s - also submitted) accompany the…

I. Ancestral Voices
A complete course providing an accessible introduction to the earliest extant English literature. The aim of this course is not for participants to learn to read or speak Old English; the texts explored will be offered in translation. Optional…

IMPORTANT: In order to download this ebook, you will need an ebook reader programme installed on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions will allow you to open the ebook, and is free to download from here:…

Images from the launch of the Ashmolean Library's 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' online exhibition, including a 'Meet the Anglo-Saxons;' event. The full 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' site is also archived elsewhere on the Project.

Nine Men's Morris board game rules
Teachers' resources from the Ashmolean Museum's 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' site.

Compressed file 1
A complete web site based around the material held at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford - and the work of E. T Leeds. The site was created in 2005 by the Ashmolean (Sarah Glover), Pegasus Primary School, and St Mary and John Church of England School. It…

New Light on Late Antiquity
Lecture notes for a course given to the Colchester branch of the Workers' Educational Association (adult students, mostly retired)
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